Saturday, July 16, 2016

What's Penny Wearing? # 140 A Lovely Vintage Print

Today Penny is wearing something in a truly pretty vintage print.
Wearing "something", you say?
Isn't it a dress?
Well, yes - and no.
When is a dress not really a dress?
When it's an unfinished dress.
Better yet - a VINTAGE, unfinished dress.
See the basting stitches on the pocket detail in the picture above?
And Penny has a secret - it's actually pinned onto her.
Nothing is finished.
 Neckline, hem, pockets, armholes; it also needs a zipper along one side.
But isn't it pretty, though?
I thought it was a fabric remnant when I first spotted it, because it was a wrinkled mess and thrown on a shelf with other folded fabrics.
But no, it's a vintage unfinished dress, and I mean 1940's or 1950's.
I even found another garment with the original old pattern envelope where the pattern pieces had been pinned to the fabric and cut out - it was an oldie, too.
Too bad it's not finished, and it's too bad it's too small for me - because I REALLY like the fabric!

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