Friday, December 23, 2016

Back To "The Drawing Board" Yet Again

Today, I have a few more examples of the colorful and delightful vintage stationery items that were produced by Drawing Board Greeting Cards, Inc. back in the 1970's and 1980's. I have written about them more than once because I am so "drawn" to the wonderful artwork they featured.
We'll start with this adorable Santa card, below - seeing as how it's almost Christmas, and all!
How cute is he?
Next, some adorable note cards with polka-dotted mushrooms, flowers, and a ladybug.
It doesn't get much better than these:
 I LOVE them.
The frog below is a gift box - and I love him, too!
 And this owl, below!
Begging you to "Do-O-oo Come!" to a party.
Don't even get me started on how great-looking I think HE is!
Hey, if you're going to send me an invitation as fabulous-looking as this, and invite me to a party - I'm coming!
Bet on it.
 More invitations to an "Open House" feature a sweet little home, sweet home, complete with a kitty cat in the window:
And one more that's pretty darned cute, too - A little birdie (or two) told me that you are invited to "Join The Party!"
That's it for today, because, well .... you know how everybody asks you if you're "ready for Christmas", like if you're out shopping and running errands and stuff?
Well, I'm not!
Gotta get busy, because I still have a lot to do!


Diane said...

LOVE!! Those designs are wonderful! I'm not quite ready yet either. Time's ticking!

Tina Dawn said...

I really love the mushrooms, and the little kitty wanting to get in the house at the window, just like Ishi is right now, staring at us through the door in the living room window. Staring us down. Which one of us will let him in this time? Love T