Sunday, December 11, 2016

December, By Jerry Pinkney From" The Year Around Book"

Well, here we are eleven days into December already, and I'm finally remembering to share this wonderful illustration by Jerry Pinkney!
 Ring that bell, Santa!
Because I am totally digging that cool, colorful Christmas living room you have entered, here.
I love everything about it.
In fact, aside from the fact that ours is a "non-working" fireplace, I'd love to attempt to re-create that scene!
(From "The Year Around Book", by Helen Jill Fletcher, published in 1965.)
 I also wanted to just share a few quick photos of some Christmas items I've found recently.
Like these lovely vintage Shiny Brites:
I just adore beautiful vintage Shiny Brite glass balls, but I have so many ornaments that I simply do not have the space to store them all, so both of these boxes are for sale in our booth at Mountain Treasures in Sonora:
 The next box is a keeper for me, though  - I love the ones with stencils and stripes!
These by Franke:
 And I found this gorgeous felt and sequin wreath!
Because I can never have enough vintage,colorful felt and sequin goodness in my home at Christmas time!


Diane said...

Fab! I agree about that fireplace scene. I LOVE it!

Tina Dawn said...

That Santa is adorable. Love your wreath! Love T