Monday, December 5, 2016

More Of Those Fabulous Crewel Finds

I found this big and fabulous framed crewel, and when I brought it home, I had to move something to make room for it.
I couldn't bear to tuck it away, unseen.
I've also found some smaller ones, recently, too - like this one:
And this one:
Which make an awfully pretty pair!
And I'm not sure if I shared these back when I found them:
They are equally lovely to look at, whether individually or as a pair.
The water pump...
And the milk can and bucket:
Oh, and here is a close-up on the sweet kitty in the top picture:
And, oh - the bright flowers, too!
I found this colorful sunset scene, as well:
And one more cute little floral pair with satin bows:
But this last photo is of some crewel stitchery pictures that I did NOT buy.....
And, believe me, they were difficult to resist!


Jennifer D said...

They are all so beautiful!

Diane said...

Sensational! I rarely find crewel pictures at the thrifts anymore.

Homeschool Mom said...

I am 54 and learned with the generation of crewel kits how to do needlework. These pictures bring back happy, happy memories. Thanks!