Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Finds, Much To My Delight!

It's so much fun to discover vintage treasures, and I have gotten lucky lately, and have managed to find some wonderful Christmas items.
Angels are one of my favorite collections, and the ones in these two first photos on my post made me very happy!
This little candle-hugger is from Fitz And Floyd, and so is the candle holder holding the candle she's hugging!
I could NOT believe my eyes when I spied this lovely trio, below!
(Because I am OBSESSED with these colorful painted angels. Whenever I find any to add to my collection, I believe my heart skips a beat.)
I also found this cutie-pie snowman bell, and the little angel alongside him:
A vintage red reindeer Dream Pet, his little red-flocked reindeer friend, and a dear little elf:
Let's all dance and sing while Santa plays the accordion!
Found him at the Vets Thrift - he's a music box:
I added vintage bottle brush trees to the lamp posts after buying this adorable pair at the flea market:
And here's another pretty angel!
Santa and some reindeer, along with vintage wrapping paper as a background:
And a papier mache box in red and green, which doesn't necessarily have to be just for Christmas, of course:
I think I paid fifty-cents for a plastic bag containing all of these special angel ornaments......
   ....  along with these birds:
(I couldn't add that bag to my basket quickly enough!)
Four more Santa mugs are always welcome in this house, especially with smiles as sweet as these:
Colorful vintage tags:
I think that's it for today, only because I need to get this post up, and work on other things!


Tami Von Zalez said...

You've done much better than me. I have found a couple of small ornaments and a couple of lighted houses but none of those retro angels. *frowns*

Diane said...

I'll double the "frowns" from Tami! I found a couple wooden 70s ornaments, and that is it this season!! Glad to see there is still vintage Christmas finds out there. Love your haul! I especially like that round box!

Rhonda said...

Love everything you found but the .50 cent grab bag is amazing not only those darling angels but the birds too?! Wow! Just a bit jealous here!

Tina Dawn said...

What a haul! If a person had no Christmas decorations at all, those would be enough to really get them started! Love them all, but especially your trio of angels. Love T