Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"Dream Prettily": The Skipper Dream Room

When Lori came to stay over Thanksgiving, I had put some pretty "new" (thrifted, vintage) sheets on the guest bed.
I love them - but they won't fit on our bed, so the guest room got lucky:
The colors on the sheets made me think of this picture from a vintage Barbie magazine I have:
"If It's Your Own Room, Make It Pretty..." - yes, well - that goes for any other room where somebody will sleep, right?
"Any more ways to dream prettily?"
Skipper had a few ideas - and a room of her own...
"And it's a Dream!"
(I love it, myself.)
I wish I had one of these; it's adorable!
It's ready to travel, just fold it up and tote it anywhere you wish to go and play.
Hey - bring it over here, if you'd like!
I'll play with you!
Colorful and fabulous:
I adore all of the details that the designers at Mattel put into this :
Look at the furniture - and those built-in shelves!
I want pink and red built-in shelves in MY room.
(I've already got plenty of my own books and albums, LOL!)
I borrowed some of the pictures on my post today from the blog "Two Crazy Crafters".
You can
click here to see the post Lindsey wrote    
about her own treasured Skipper Dream Room.
SO cool!


Diane said...

That is really cute! I've never seen one before. Like the record player.

Diane said...

P.S. The sheets in the first photo are FAB!

lorlore said...

Those vintage sheets were so pretty and comfy! Thanks Heidi, always a pleasure to be a guest!!!

Kavin said...

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Homeschool Mom said...

Skipper! I love this post! I had a second-hand fold-out Barbie house for a long time. I loved it. I miss the old Barbie and Skipper. Imagine how "groovy" PJ's room/house would have been!

Tina Dawn said...

I always loved doll houses, Skipper is a lucky little doll!