Saturday, March 11, 2017

Birthday Books (Five Months Later)

I never had a chance back in October to write about my birthday, because I was too busy at that time, but I was perusing some photos, and I decided better late than never, so here goes:
First of all, my friend Robbi had given me these dear little birthday blocks in their original package, but I had to take them out so I could display them, along with the cute little celebrating kitty-cat ornaments:
My husband always asks me what I want - and this was one of the things I mentioned, so he got me a copy of the vintage Peter Max book, "Love":
And then my sister Tina got me this one, "Peace", and now my collection of four is complete!
 ("God" and "Thought" complete the set.)
 These little books are fabulous, and I'm delighted to have them all, now.
Peter Max is one of my all-time favorite artists.
Here's just one example of the pages inside:
And Lori gave me this Little Golden Book, "I Can Fly" with illustrations by the fabulous Mary Blair - another long-time favorite of mine.
She had found a great selection of vintage  Little Golden Books one day when we were at a thrift store together, and she remembered that I was incredibly envious of this particular one, an "A" edition.
 The illustrations are an absolute delight:
 So, although my birthday was months ago - and of course I said thank you at the time, thank you again, all of you - these are all true treasures to me!


Tina Dawn said...

I was so happy to give you a Peter Max book, and the peace book is my favorite, boy do people need to read it now! I love all your books, the Little Golden Book looks super! You always give me the most wonderful and desired things for my birthday, it is good to reciprocate! Love T

Diane said...

Wow-- those PM books are sensational!! Believe it or not, I have "I Can Fly." Bought it second hand several years ago. You're right-- it is really cute.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog. I started collecting kid's books, and teddy bears, after a divorse and before my oldest Granddaughter was born.(she's 34yo soon) Love to see other adults oollect Beenies and children's books. Sometimes the story I read to a grandkid is just what I need to hear. When a get a few new ones, I read them to my hubby, and me.