Thursday, March 9, 2017

Then And Now #106: Jergens Lotion, Revisited

I wrote a post about Jergens Lotion seven years ago on this blog, and today I am revisiting that post, and that subject.
Here is another of the old advertisements, this one from 1956:
And here is one for their "Extra Dry Skin Formula", from 1970".
Notice that by that time, the glass bottle had a pump dispenser?
More practical, definitely, for everyday use.
I ditched that glass shoe bottle that I showed in my previous post some time ago, but I still had this great old bottle that I've owned for many years:
I was able to take a pump from an old bottle of soap and it fit onto my "Cream Of Almond Lotion" bottle perfectly!
Original Scent with "Cherry Almond Essence" will always be my favorite.
Here is how the bottle looks now:
 I love using vintage containers for anything I possibly can, because then I don't mind them sitting out, and they needn't be hidden away in a cupboard or cabinet.
Now I have a pretty bottle in my bathroom with the Original Scent lotion inside (instead of the new plastic container) - and I've also got my (practical) pump dispenser.


Tina Dawn said...

I know I am in the minority, but I am not too fond of the original scent. It bothers me that it smells both like almonds and cherries, even though I love both of those scents. I usually go for rose scent or lavender. Very interesting post. I was sorry to miss last Sunday too. Love T

Diane said...

When do we ever hear about "detergent hands" these days? I just saw a print ad from the 70s (for Ivory dish soap, I think) about "whose hands look younger?" Dishwashers took care of that-- although I don't have one :( Nice way to use your vintage bottle.