Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March Can't Decide If It's A Lion Or A Lamb

Good morning, Tina here.

Well, it has been March for a week now. We have had just about every kind of weather you can have in that week, except for sunbathing weather.

We've had thunder, lightning, hail, torrential rains, 40 mile plus winds, popcorn snow, dry snow, wet snow, those large snowflakes that almost cover the ground themselves, frosted fields, rainbows, and shiver-inducing layers of fog. Oh, and clear, crisp blue skies. All in the same week. I think Mother Nature is just about worn out.

We haven't had any disasters here on our property, but our near neighbors lost one of their beautiful oak trees in their sheep pasture. Our driveway runs by it, and it was one of my favorites because it had a big burl down fairly low on its trunk. It came down in January, and will remain as it is until the weather is less liquid and the ground firms up around it.

It always amazes me that a little ball of roots could have held that gigantic leafy canopy for years. You can see a small section of the burl below just to the right of the roots. Farewell silent giant.

Another loss close to home was the Bell Store in Coloma. It was literally gone with the wind. I am just sick about it. 

I guess this gives us a better view of Mount Murphy now, no bricks to block it from us. I wrote a post on this old store a few years back, lots of history there.

(Click here to go back and revisit that post, if you'd like.)
Enough about the disruption caused by our weather, I would sure enjoy some calm, serene, quiet layers of snow.

Below is an old real photo post card (RPPC) of snow in Columbia, which Heidi can tell you is near Sonora where she lives.

I can hear the squeak and feel the squish of the snow under my boots. I think to myself, if it snowed in Columbia. . .  I bet Placerville got some!

Yep, here we are, looking down Main Street toward the Raffles Hotel in the right corner. A bit busier than in Columbia on its snow day.

Well, here I am at the end of the post. I started with absolutely no ideas, and I guess I went here and there, rather like being blown about by the blustery March winds. Hope you held on to your hat!


Heidi Ann said...

Oh, it's always so sad to see another great old tree go down.
And I'm also so sorry to hear about (and see) the old brick store in Coloma, too.
Waking up to snow in Placerville on Monday morning this week was certainly a change for me, while I was over there visiting at Lori's.
So sorry that we weren't able to get together as planned on Sunday.
Mother Nature really has been having a field day, here lately.
But you know - she's been getting messed with for years,and payback, as they say, certainly is the (proverbial) bitch.
We certainly don't have to like the consequences, though, do we?
It IS interesting, however, to see what the rains and the wind hath wrought, here in our ever-changing and beloved Gold Country landscape.

Tami Von Zalez said...

Lots of old oaks down in my part of Amador County.
We are having a bit of sun down here in Sacramento today so I am going to soak up all that I can!