Friday, March 31, 2017

The Latest Vera Finds

I've only found just a few vintage Vera Neumann things lately.
First up is a brightly colored beach towel:
 I have never come across a towel before:
Some of my favorite colors: 
And I also found two linen tea towels, in two different colorways.
 With a recipe for Irish Coffee:
In red....
 And sort of a harvest gold:
 Coffee, anyone?
I am always on the lookout for vintage Vera.
If my digging results in any more finds, I will surely share them here.
Wish me luck!
(The luck o' the Irish, perhaps?)


Rob and Monica said...

Good luck on finding more towels. Monica likes vintage towels, too! (Rob)

Diane said...

Good for you! I never find Veras anymore. Cool designs!

Tina Dawn said...

I do prefer her flowers, but those are definitely colorful! Love T