Monday, March 27, 2017

Vintage Popsie: He's A Man-Eater - And I'm Not "A Lion"!

I love "Popsies", and I just wanted to share photos of this one.
He isn't mine; I found the pictures of him on eBay.
( I only have one Popsie, and the last thing I need to do is start another collection, believe me!)
This particular one is a man-eating lion.
Do you wonder why he is "licking his chops"?
Well, here's the reason:
I don't think there's any help coming, buddy...
I'm pretty sure you're a "goner".
He doesn't LOOK like a mean, man-eating lion, does he?
His eyes look innocent enough.
A little crazy, maybe - but innocent enough.
Nope, not a mean lion - just hungry, I think!
(Sorry, buddy.)
 I DO own the lion you see below, made by the same company, Pride Creations.
He's a cute little pencil holder:
 Nothing sinister there.


Tina Dawn said...

Very cute, even if he is ferocious and dangerous! They look like a fun thing to collect. It is really sad we can't collect everything! (I still try though...) Love T

Diane said...

Very cool! Love your lion!!