Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Yet Another Colorful Crewel Find

I took a box of donations to one of our local thrift stores last week,
and when I went inside afterward to have a look around, I honestly felt like I was being been rewarded for my donation when I found this:
A big, beautiful floral crewel stitchery picture!
Created in 1972 by "S. Noble", and mounted VERY nicely with more than one hanger and green velvet around the outside edge, it measures 17 by 21 inches.
It's in perfect condition, with bright, lovely, and colorful flowers - I mean, it's exactly the kind of thing I love!
And the price was even right.
I often feel like things are truly sitting there, waiting just for me.
And this discovery was one of those times.
Thank you, Thrifting Gods!
(Where am I going to put it, you ask? I'm actually not sure yet, but I will figure it out. Remember Mary Randolph Carter's book title "Never Stop To Think ... Do I Have A Place For This?"?
Well, I didn't stop to think anything - except that it was coming home with me!)


Rob and Monica said...

Don't you love when things work out that way? Maybe you truly were being rewarded for your generosity! (Rob)

Diane said...

Pretty colors!

Tina Dawn said...

Oh my! Well, I will think it! Where are you going to put it? LOL. Love T

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Mary Randolph Carter? She used to have a great junking blog.
--Stacy Z.

Stephanie said...

I love crewel too !! I have found just three and everytime my heart goes pitter patter...even if they are avocado green!!