Friday, April 3, 2009

Packaging From The Past

I just plain like the look of vintage packaging. Call it nostalgia - call it a desire to go back to "simpler" times - call it whatever you want.
I just like it! Pretty Swan Straws package:

And here's a little cake decorating set - the box:
and the contents:
Cute little miniature salt shakers, and Schilling food coloring - all four colors:
And below, an earlier example of just the green Schilling Food Coloring. The little bottle on the far left is the kind that was found inside the box shown in the picture above:

And look! Tasty Food! I like tasty food. This box held a set of three little tools - with green wooden handles:
And from the laundry room - Soak n' Squeez - so cute in aqua with bubbles on the label!One more thing - ugh! - moth balls! But I do kind of like the graphics on the package.
I was telling my friend a few weeks ago about how everything I had pulled out of the trunk in the basement smelled like moth balls. I'm pretty sure all of the contents had been there since the 1930's. And her teenage son asked:
"What are moth balls?"
It hadn't even occurred to me that he wouldn't know. And forget trying to describe that SMELL to someone who has never experienced it, right? Just tell them how lucky they are NOT to know!


Viewliner Ltd. said...

Yes this is very cool!

barbara said...

You have the best stuff! I had completely forgotten about Morton salt miniatures - don't know why, but I loved them! I think it was the doll-size quality they had.

Anonymous said...

Those tiny salt shakers remind me of the book, "Bread and Jam For Frances," do you know it? Francis' little friend has this very elaborate lunch packed into his lunch box and he has a boiled egg with a tiny salt shaker! (Random, I know!)

Pearl said...

A shame that the Tasty Food box no longer holds the three green wooden handled tools... My Mom had that Cake Decorating Kit and she used it, often... I'd try to get creative with it, but always failed... Never did find it after she passed away, so I'm guessing it ended up in one of her many yard sales that she held... I'm just so thankful for the things that she did leave behind for us kids... Hope all's going well with you, Heidi... Do enjoy your weekend...

melanie's all my favorite things said...

your pictures are so clear...I feel as though I could reach out and touch them! Love the graphics and colors- thanks for sharing!

Annette said...

I could have used moth balls in my closet I am cleaning out. Actually have very small holes in two silk tops, and found a little (dead) larva on one. I don't really mind the scent of moth balls that much, just wouldn't like to smell of them if I went out in public! LOL. The little salt and pepper shakers are so cute, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them. Also love the swan straws box. Great post sis. Love T

yosemite faith said...

i actually remember swan straws! and the minature salt shakers were a must. picnics were something - at least for our family - we did all the time. in michigan there are road side 'parks' (some much better than others) with tables and rest stops at regular intervals - and we traveled up north often to see both sets of grandparents - so we often had picnics on the way! once again heidi you have brought out old memories of a time past.