Monday, April 13, 2009

Then And Now #37 - Nestle's Chocolate

Nestle's products are a staple in my kitchen. You never know when you might be in the mood for chocolate chip cookies- and for me, that means always having Toll House Morsels on hand - you know, in case of emergency! But I also like their candy bars, etc, etc! I can't even remember now where I found this mold:

I couldn't find a date on this booklet, but I'm guessing maybe late 40's?
This ad is from 1957:
Here's one from 1961:
And 1968:
1969, below - I must admit that I do not remember the mint morsels being around way back then! Perhaps they were not available in our area, or the store where Daddy shopped simply didn't carry them? :
One more ad and recipe from 1981:

This box of cocoa has been in my baking cupboard awhile. Good thing cocoa powder keeps very well. And I had to include Nesquik - this is a postcard I found somewhere:
And below - the way the packages of morsels look "Now":
Now I kind of want to go and bake some cookies!


Anonymous said...

that mold is amazing!!!! i wish they still made the mint chips - i don't like mint and yet these made the best chocolate cookies with mint chips and they were good in brownies too! there was a time they made rasberry choc. chips as well - they were great in brownies also. yosemite faith

Annette said...

Oh boy that fudge looks sooooo good. A Weight Watchers nightmare! I wouldn't have been able to pass THAT up on Easter. Your chocolates were so pretty it was easier not to eat them, does that make sense? Great post. I have always admired your Nestle mold. Love T