Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stitchery In Pictures

Aren't these the cutest? They are from Hallmark cards (60's or 70's, I think) that featured stitchery designs printed on the front. The back of this one says "Reproduction of an original embroidered design by Vivian Smith" Well, she is/was a talented lady!
This one looks like it could have been hers, too - but it doesn't say so:
And this is from one of a pair of plaques I found at a thrift store that feature stitchery artwork on them - very pretty, too:
And the second one of the pair:
I should try to learn how to embroider. I did some years ago - never enough to be good at it, and I tried some counted cross stitch , too about 20 years ago. I still have an unfinished project or two, unfortunately!


Annette said...

I remember those "embroidery" cards. I have one or two saved somewhere I am pretty sure, so I know our family liked them! Your little counted cross stitch items that you embroidered and gave us were very cute. I did some embroidery too, I still have some cut-off jeans somewhere that I had embroidered on, a mushroom and a few other things. They probably fit on a Barbie doll now! Also I know I did a few of the kits that were American Indian baskets and items like that. I guess they went at garage sales. I wasn't proud of them because they weren't original. Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

These designs are so lovely. I really think you should finish your projects and start doing embroidery again. I know you'd make some beautiful things. Twyla

yosemite faith said...

i love them - my mom and gram could both embroider. i have 2 friends (long distance) that i met while living in california and they do needlepoint! such an amazing talent.