Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Royal Baking Powder Booklets And Biscuits

I discovered recently that I had four different vintage booklets from Royal Baking Powder. This one is dated 1927:

And the one below is dated 1929:
If I were going to make some biscuits, I think I would choose the recipe in the page below that calls for buttermilk. The pages are from the 1937 booklet:
The cover of the 1937 booklet:
And one more from 1939. I especially like this one; I like the colors and her dress and apron combination:
Yum, biscuits. My favorite way to eat them is with butter and grape jelly or honey - what's yours?


Lorlore said...

Please, I would like some right now for my Breakfast!! I like them with Apple Butter or butter and honey like you! Remember the fabulous ones when we worked at The Sierra Nevada House in Coloma in the 70's!! Yum!! Lori

yosemite faith said...

john loves his with gravy!

Annette said...

Thanks for the recipe! What a great post. I had forgotten about the yummy Sierra Nevada House biscuits. When I worked there that was Mary Ann's domain. But, you do know I am the "Biscuit Queen" of the Kelsey Community Association breakfasts, don't you? There they are usually eaten with gravy, and are very good that way. However, I love them with honey or grape, blackberry or (?) jam or apple butter like the other Gold Country Girls. The trick for me is to roll them and cut them out and let them sit a tiny bit before you bake them, they rise up better that way. Then I slice them in half and butter them while they are still a bit warm. Most of the time I don't even eat any, because of Weight Watchers, but I usually leave a couple for DH. Love T

Pearl said...

I love Vintage Cook Booklets, and your Royal Baking Powder collection is terrific! Years ago, before I found out I was allergic to Gluten, I loved my biscuits with real butter and honey, too! Of course, apple butter is awesome... and grape or apple jelly... and gravy... ohhhh I just loved pretty much anything on a biscuit! Thanks for a fun post... and I do hope all is well in your world...