Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shirley's Birthday!

Well, it's Shirley Temple Black's birthday again - so today HAS to be about Shirley!
I adore her.
I always will.

Happy Birthday, Shirley!!


Annette said...

Oh, you know I love her too! She was just so adorable and talented, cute as a button. She has lead her life in an admirable way, for a child star. There are a lot of child stars who should try to follow in her footsteps. Happy birthday Miss Shirley. Love T

SSrb1098 said...

Happy Birthday Shirley!

check out this youtube channel dedicated to her:

yosemite faith said...

on the good ship lollypop its a good trip......sorry i digress. do you remember the fairy tale series she hosted as an adult? i loved it and watched it always. very cute pics of her heidi.

Halo Hill said...

I love Shirley Temple too! My Mom's name is Shirley and I would always pretend that was her on the screen dancing!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Yikes, we DO have magazine issues, don't we? Oh, and like you I have plenty of ripped pages as well. In no certain place!