Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Songbird And Her Mary Blair Song Book

Mother gave me a Golden Song Book like this one for my birthday when I turned five:
For some reason, I didn't have it with my other books from my childhood, and Lori recently discovered it packed away among some of Mother's things. Unfortunately, my copy is missing the entire hardcover, which looks like this:
I was so excited and happy to see it again! I remembered it SO well.
Can you even imagine my delight when I realized it was illustrated by the marvelous and brilliantly talented Mary Blair?! I have always loved the illustrations inside - I had no idea they were hers. No WONDER I loved it so!
This is the inscription inside:
Here is a (poor) photo of me singing at Christmas time; I believe it was taken the same year:

Oh, yes, I LOVE to sing- I have written about that fact a number of times before on this blog.
Here are a couple of the delightful illustrations from inside this book:

Please go check out this website if you are interested in seeing and learning more - the ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive.
They have many more pictures of the inside of this book.
And I will close with one more picture - I think this may have been taken at my fifth birthday party. Don't Lori and I look almost like twins?

I don't think I still have ANY of my other gifts from that year - but you can bet that I will always treasure this song book, cover or no cover, and I believe I have Mother to thank for my love of music , and my singing talent, as well.
All THREE of us girls can sing - and we're good at it.


Lorlore said...

Not sure why we both managed to tilt our heads at the same time!! And Yes, Mother taught us to sing and gave all three of us her love of music as well. I'm glad your songbook was found, Heidi!!

Tina Dawn said...

And don't forget Grandma Mom's help in our oratory training! Loved reading this post and looking at the pictures and old photos. The maypole drawing is adorable. I am so glad your book was found. I have things that went missing when we moved right when I graduated from high school and I still mourn them, not that I need anymore stuff! Great post Songbird. Love T

~~Carol~~ said...

What a sweet keepsake from your childhood, and those illustrations are too cute! The best part though is the inscription from your Mother. I'm sure that makes it priceless to you!
Happy Sunday!

yosemite faith said...

what a wonderful find. thanks for sharing the inscription. just lovely.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a delightful book and I love the pictures of you! The inscription makes it so special. What sweet memories. Twyla

Anthony said...

Hello, stranger!

This song book is truly delightful. Mary Blair's illo's are so happy and full of life. But, obviously, the most magical thing about your copy of the book is your mother's lovingly handwritten inscription. Something like that would mean the WORLD to me!

Always so neat to see your old family photos, but where in that group birthday party shot are YOU and LORI? Would have been nice to know which row, how many heads to the L/R, etc. Just a friendly suggestion. :)

Milkcoffee said...

I am Japanese and my mom was piano's teacher.I don't know how did she get this book in japan but she had this book since I was little, after my mom passed away I just keep because I love her illustration.But I never think who draw the illustration.And I just found out about Mary Blair, because I just open the google web site!I just look her illustration brig me right away when I was little.Amazing,eh? I am glad I still have this book, and I really glad you found the book too!

Heidi Ann said...

Hello MilkCoffee, and thank you SO much for sharing the story about your own book. I love knowing that there is somebody else out there who treasures their book just as I do mine! I am so happy that you found this post and decided to comment. Thank you.