Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tina's Garage Sale and Thrift Store Finds

Good morning. I am going to share some of my garage/yard/estate/rummage sale (whatever you call them!) finds, with a few from thrift stores thrown in. Most of these items came from very near where I live. We have great sales here!
These are two "travel bars" that I found at an estate sale in Georgetown, California. The brown one actually had some vodka left in the bottle with the label. It had been in there for years and smelled very musty, so it was thrown out. These cases belonged to a couple who had both passed away. The brown case has all of its bar utensils, and the two openers have bone handles. There are four nice aluminum shot glasses. The black case has two larger glasses, and is missing some of its utensils. Both cases have their original keys. I plan to clean them up a bit and sell them.
This is a great collection of scarves that I found at a rummage sale held by the Garden Valley Fire Department. Three of them are quite large and showcase beautiful flowers. One is a nice bandanna head scarf that will fit under my "new" motorcycle helmet that I did not photograph but got for a real deal at $40. It was only used a couple of times for boat racing, and originally cost about $260. My husband was amazed at my find! In the upper left corner is also a wooden fish that is some kind of a holder or something? I am not sure what its use is.
A batch of books. A Farm Journal Freezing and Canning cookbook, four Cliff Notes, a Crocker Art Gallery (Sacramento) book, some pocketbooks, a journal, and several nice books for woodworking and building sheds that might come in handy around our Kelsey homestead.
This photo shows a lot of various vintage finds. The wood fan at the bottom right came in a box with a glass lid (partially seen in the middle of the photo). It is in great shape. I am quite fond of fans. The globe is made by Replogle Globes Inc., made in U.S.A., genuine hardwood. I have always wanted a vintage globe, and this one is nice and not too large and in great shape. Next to the globe are two blue china pieces that I believe are made to go on a lazy susan (I have a vintage one somewhere). They are marked Miramar of California. In the center is a bar glass which has several drink recipes printed on the outside. On the left is a beautiful aluminum serving or decorative piece which says Royal Hickman on the bottom, and is signed by Bruce Fox. Some of these items may find their way to our booth so others can enjoy them.
Here we have a 7 1/2 inch wide Hall's Superior Kitchen Ware lid in great shape in search of its casserole, two Pyrex green and red mixing bowls, an Anchor Hocking Fireking bread pan, a bowl or casserole bottom that is not marked and sports petit point autumn leaves, an oval casserole and lid marked S.G. K. Moriyama Allie of Orces, an unmarked Pyrex two section server, and a very dirty flour shaker with no lid. I plan to sell most of these items.
Two very cute fans, "Our Baby's First Seven Years" 1958 unused, Decoware canister with no lid, metal and wood three-hole punch (I needed one of those!), and a snack plate and matching cup which are from a set of ten. They have no marks. I can't wait to host a ladies tea. I am keeping those. I got the entire set of twelve plates and ten cups for $10. They are in perfect condition.
This is a collection of forged or hammered aluminum items. There are 18 coasters, several marked Everlast Forged Aluminum. There are 5 Scottie dogs, 8 hunting dogs, 2 ducks, 2 swirls, and 1 with flowers. There are three plates, one with a bunch of grapes in the center, and one with thistles along the edge, those have no mark on them. The plate with morning glories around the edge is marked Wrought Farberware, Brklyn N.Y. Also included is a serving dish with orchids which is marked Forman Family Inc. Most of these items I plan on selling, but I may keep the plate with thistles.
Well, that is it for this go-around. I have a lot more finds to show you in the future! This looks to be a great garage sale summer around the Georgetown Divide.


Lorlore said...

Great finds Tina!! Great informative post!!!!

Heidi Ann said...

WOW, Tina! What a splendiferous array of fantabulous finds!!
Clean some of that stuff up, and bring it on over!

yosemite faith said...

usually those travel 'bars' are a hot mess - these look like they are in great shape. you gold country girls are to be envied - such skill and knowledge and luck thrifting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina! You have some great finds! I think I have the answer to the mystery of the wooden fish. The hook shaped slot on the bottom is used to pull hot oven racks out and the slot in the nose is used to push them back in! It is to keep you from touching the hot racks. I have one which is very plain. It works great!

Jill said...

Great finds! I especially like the hammered aluminum items!