Saturday, June 12, 2010

Then And Now #67 - Twiggy

I've never done a "Then And Now" post about a person before, but I figured, why not? In these two photos, you see her in 1967 and 2005.
And here is the fabulous iconic model in an ad for Olivetti's Studio 45, The Brightwriter portable typewriter, circa 1969:

And here she is "Now", (41 years later) in this Olay Definity advertisement that I came across in my British "Country Homes and Interiors" magazine I got at Borders:

I think I wanted to BE her. I remember my sister Tina trying to cut my hair short like hers when I was probably 11 or 12 years old. It didn't quite work out, and I believe I had to be taken to a salon afterward. Oh, well. I didn't really look like her - I had the big eyes, and the blonde hair, but that was about it!
I loved her then, and I still do. I'm rather fascinated with her.


Tina Dawn said...

And I still can't cut hair worth a darn to this day. I had my hair short for a while like Twiggy too but although I was fairly tall and kinda skinny I was no Twiggy either. It would be cute to see her in makeup like back then. She grew up well. Do you remember what her real name is? It escapes me. Nice post. Love T

Heidi Ann said...

Her real name is Leslie Hornby. (I didn't remember, so I looked it up!)

Dawn Gahan said...

I remember looking in the mirror and trying to get that "look" on my face that she did in pictures. Instead of looking waifish and mod, I took on the look of an angst-riddled teen with droopy eyelids. Oh well.

yosemite faith said...

i always loved twiggy too. she has a line of clothing etc on HSN now.

Claudia said...

She is still so beautiful, isn't she? I loved her too - but I never looked quite as good with short hair!


farmlady said...

It's Twiggy!! She still looks great. My gosh. I always thought she was too skinny but I loved her look. It was "British mod" and all my friends wanted the look.
A lot of models learn to take care of themselves and usually look really good as they get older. Ms. Hornby certainly has.
This is a great post. Do more of them.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Well, being a fat teenager I was definitely envious of her. She was someone you just couldn't take your eyes off of! Twyla