Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fruit - Real And Faux

Our fruit bowl - all yellow and golden ( We have apples, too, but they are in the fridge - I like them cold!), including the new-to-me golden pomegranate we got at the farmer's market. I had never seen one before, and I just had to try it!
I'm not sure you can tell in the photo, but the arils inside are a little paler in color, and they are a bit sweeter and milder in flavor than the red. They were good, but I prefer the red. I'm glad we tried it, though.
And my faux fruit for today is the gorgeous selection of wooden fruit, below, that I found at a thrift store.
I think I will arrange it with a cornucopia centerpiece for Thanksgiving.
(The afghan under the fruit in the top photo and the tablecloth under the arrangement of wooden fruit were thrift store finds as well.)


Tina Dawn said...

Very pretty pictures, I especially like the middle photo. I had never heard of a golden pomegranate before. I think I'll go get a banana. And can you believe I still have a watermelon in the fridge? Love T

delia hornbook said...

lovely photos i really like the throw the fruit is displayed on in the first picture beautiful and colourful. I could do one of those banana's my son has just come home and said Mum were making smoothies at school tomorrow and i would like to take strawberries and banana's which are both fruits that i don't have in the house right now. Enjoy all yours.. Dee ;-)

Vallen said...

Your linens and blanket are stupendous! I'm going to have to check out the golden pomegranate thing. We have a flurry of golden and orange fruit 'round these parts: persimmons, quince,kumquats and lemons galore. Gotta love California! (well, most of the time, anyway).

yosemite faith said...

the golden pomegrante is new to me as well. that is the only thing i miss about summer - the variety of fresh fruit and the produce from our garden.