Monday, November 22, 2010

What's In YOUR Stuffing?

So - what is your "go-to" tried and true type of stuffing or dressing for the Thanksgiving turkey?
(Illustration above by Randall Enos from a 1986 magazine - I saved it all these years because it was so quirky and colorful.)
Do you stuff and roast your bird, or do you cook something up separately and bake it in a pan?
Sorry, Kellogg's, but I have never used a Croutette in my life, nor do I ever buy packaged crouton-like "stuffing" stuff. I cut up my bread into cubes, because I only like sourdough:

My goodness - what a regal bird this one is:

Speaking of good taste - and who wasn't - ever since I tried it for the first time, the ONLY stuffing I want to make is the Artichoke Parmesan Sourdough Stuffing from Sunset Magazine. The recipe was created by Leslie Jo Parsons of Sutter Creek California - which just happens to be along old Highway 49 on the way to Placerville from where I live. So, you see, it's even a true "Gold Country" recipe for this Gold Country Girl. It also has everything I love in it! I became spoiled by stuffing made only with sourdough bread when I worked at the Stagecoach Inn in Columbia, because that's how it was made there. I simply wouldn't have it any other way. So whenever I make stuffing, this recipe is IT for me.
Please share - what IS your favorite??


Tina Dawn said...

I change it around every year. I am making a Sunset recipe this year for the second time, it uses cornbread. It also has a bit of ham, pecans and chopped collard greens. I haven't used the croutettes for a long time, but I have used them. I guess I tend toward cornbread stuffing, but I do like sourdough, I used that the last time I made it. It does't get too mushy, and I like that, and has that tang to it. I always stuff my turkey and bake up the leftovers in a pan also. I like the way the juices moisten the stuffing as the turkey bakes, that is part of the recipe to me. Today I am making the mashed potatoes (our special Farm Journal recipe) so nice to be able to make ahead, that saves a lot of time on the day. Great post, and if I hadn't already done my shopping I would have loved to try your recipe this year. Next year for sure. Love T

yosemite faith said...

john does it soooooo i haven't the foggiest.

Midcenturymadam said...

That sounds sooo good. I usually make cornbread stuffing with dried cranberries and pecans. Oh so good. We usually bake it separately. I would love to try your recipe. Don't know if that's possible as I'll probably do my shopping tomorrow...unless you could email it to me tonight. If not no worries. I may try and make it though dinner without eating the stuffing. Ha...who am I kidding? WW will have to wait!

Jill said...

My favorite stuffing recipe? My mom's stuffing recipe, which is not really a recipe. She just puts it all together in her own magical way... and it tastes divine. In fact I'm about to slobber all over myself thinking about how great it is. Three more days... Sonora, here I come!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, that dressing recipe sounds good! I am going to have to try it! I am a bit ashamed to admit that we start with a box of Stove Top, but we Do add corn muffins, crackers, onions, celery and chicken broth. We think it tastes real good! We cook it in a pan not the bird. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Gold Country Girls! Twyla