Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Grandpa Pop in Vintage Family Photos

Good morning, this is Tina, and I am again sharing some old family photos, this time they are all of our Grandpa Pop, our Dad's Dad. Daddy called his parents Mom and Pop, and I was the oldest granddaughter, and I dubbed them Grandpa Pop and Grandma Mom and it stuck. For a long time I also called my aunt Aunt Sis.
The men in our family have always been inclined to get their hands into all sorts of projects around the home. Here Grandpa Pop changes a tire.
I can't really tell what he is showing off in this picture. Any guesses? My son Josh definitely inherited some of my Grandpa's features.
Sitting on a fence with cap in hand. It appears he liked to get dressed up. Either that, or he only allowed a picture taken when he was looking his best.
Posing in the snow on February 23, 1942. This is another photo that reminds me of Josh.
A final photo as our Grandpa Pop shows off our Daddy in 1924.
Sending out a wish to you all to have a very special family-and-friend filled Thanksgiving.


Heidi Ann said...

Oh, Tina - you know that I love this!
Seeing these photos warms my heart. Thank you for such a sweet post.

delia hornbook said...

awww what beautiful photo's I love the black and white ones, you can tell so much from them by their outfits and place what year etc they were taken in. I always think when we look back in years to come of photo's taken now it will be hard to do that as there is no set style of dress. Lovely post. Dee x

yosemite faith said...

back in the day i don't think many people would have their picture taken unless they were 'decent' aka cleaned up. great photos. you gold country girls are so lucky - what a great family.

farmlady said...

Grandpa Pop has a hat in his hand. After seeing the next photo I think it might be the same one. What a good looking man. He looks like he was a man with a sense of humor.
Don't you wish we had know these men better and longer. It's so cool to see them when they were young.
My youngest son looks a lot like my father. Sometimes it's amazing how much.