Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Squirrely Post

Just a bunch of squirrely stuff today - beginning with this great book cover from my Disney book collection - Walt Disney's Perri, A Big Golden Book:

A little cement squirrel that has been on this tree in our backyard for about 40 years. He never moves - unlike all of the real ones who scurry and scuffle and scamper about in our yard. I can watch them from the window right here next to our computer desk. They're so much fun to watch!

A photo of me when I was four or five years old, feeding a squirrel in Capitol Park, Sacramento:

And me feeding squirrels again - about 25 years later, this time somewhere near Monterey:

A gorgeous color plate from a book I found in Fort Bragg:
And some placemats with embroidered squirrels, which I have shown you before, found at a thrift store a while back:

That's it - just feeling a little squirrely today is all.


Tina Dawn said...

I remember very fondly our visits to Capitol Park, the beautiful roses and all the different kinds of trees, and the squirrels! We did love to feed the animals, didn't we? I know there are photos of Lori and me out there somewhere doing the same thing. You could do a post on chipmunks too. Great fun to read. Love T

delia hornbook said...

aww what a really cute post, lovely photo's its lovely to remember back. They are such beautiful animals my boys and always look for them when we walk through the park and were normally lucky. Enjoy.. Dee ;-)

jungle dream pagoda said...

I love cute little varmints too!
Love the pics and yes a gorgeous color palette !
Happy Fall!!!!!

yosemite faith said...

i have seen that movie many times as a youngster and no one else seems to remember it - UNTIL NOW!

Heidi Ann said...

How cool, Faith - I'm so happy I showed the book, then! Did you know the actress Peri Gilpin (from Frasier, etc.) was named after that movie/squirrel?

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Cute, cute, cute! I have never seen or heard of Perri the squirrel. I must look for that book! Twyla

yosemite faith said...

no i didn't. we lived just a few blocks from the nearest theatre and my folks were very strict on what i could see and so many times i would see the same movie over and over again. peri was one of those movies.

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh how i love squirrels! as a student at sac state i was surrounded by them every time i ate my lunch outside. they are so brave there! and so cute!