Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pendleton Again

I have told you before that I LOVE Pendleton! And despite my previous posts praising Pendleton products - I'm at it again today.
First of all, here's a better photo of my prized 49er jacket, this time as modeled proudly by Penny:

And how gorgeous is the skirt in this advertisement from 1957?!
And these gal pals have reached the pinnacle of perfection with their cozy combinations. Their sweaters are from Pendleton, as well, paired with a skirt, jacket, and pants in the red plaid I adore, from 1962:

Father and son in warm and wonderful matching shirts, also from 1962:

And one more gorgeous red plaid ad, this one from 1989:

Pendleton plaids are a perennial pleaser.


Tina Dawn said...

Ah, a nice warm cuddly post for a cold snowy day. Love it! Love T

farmlady said...

Beautiful, warm, comfortable and impeccably made. These were very popular, a bit expensive but justly so.
The shirt in the first photo is really nice. Someone must have taken good care of it.

yosemite faith said...

i bought my dad a red plaid pendleton shirt one christamas - and he wore it often. i am still on their mailing list so i still get there catalog. you can buy pendleton fabric from them for covering furniture! oh to be rich......i love pendleton so - even though i can't wear wool unless it is lined.

Midcenturymadam said...

I wish I had a nice Pendleton blanket to curl up with. It's the perfect day for it. Love the jacket.

Van said...

Aaaah, what could be more cozy that plaid? :D I love the jacket and all the lovelies in this post.

moonshinejunkyard said...

we love pendletons around here too! darin got a wonderful mint condition vintage pendleton jacket at hospice in grass valley and it was half off! ($4.50) gotta love that. he feels so regal in it, not to mention warm!

Paul Duca said...

I know some other people who really loved Pendleton plaid. They also lived in California, down around Los Angeles--three brothers.When they decided to form a musical group with their cousin and a friend, they decided to play off the name of their favorite clothing, and called themselves The Pendletones. That way, perhaps the company might provide free outfits.

That handle did not last, though. In fact, it was the man who owned the small record company to which they were first signed who decided to rechristen them....The Beach Boys.

(not that they forsook the plaid...the album cover where they are at the shore holding a surfboard--dressed in identical Pendleton shirts and chinos).