Monday, December 17, 2012

A Christmas Cookbook

"A Christmas Cookbook", published in 1978 by Determined Productions, with recipes by June Dutton, and illustrations by Bruce Butte.
I love these cookbooks. I have shown you some of the others in my collection before.
 I just adore Mr. Butte's whimsical illustrations.
A Christmas tree:
By the fireside:
Little cakes - they look like petit fours to me:
Turkey Pie, below - sounds good! Wish I had found that recipe right after Thanksgiving:
Christmas kitties find the warmest spots:
Looks like that mouse stayed safe!
Not a creature was stirring....

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Tina Dawn said...

Really cute. I love the petit fours "kiss the cook", and if you look at that old stove, the cat is twice the size of the turkey! That's one big warm kitty. Love T