Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cute Scotties

I imagine these cute little dogs are supposed to be ornaments, and I know Christmas is over - but they don't look "Christmasy", and they are so cute that I don't think I will pack them away:
I found them at a thrift store, and I actually hung them up on a big lampshade so I can enjoy looking at them.
Some crafty gal made them in 1972 (they are dated on the back in marker pen). Cute, huh?


Diane said...

Neat! Such cute fabrics back then!!!

Andy's Attic said...

Yes, cute. And love the bright fabric!

Jim J;O) said...

They deserve a 3rd cute. They really are. I'd have them where I could enjoy them also. I always wonder about the person who made things like these and how they ended up in a thrift store. Had my mom or granny made them, they'd be here with me. Seems they might've lost a caring family. Well, by golly, they have a caring family now. Thanks Heidi

Tina Dawn said...

Very cute, they remind me a bit of my paisley kitties I made a few Christmases back. Love T