Monday, December 3, 2012

My Trip, Placerville, Ca. to Coeur d'Alene, Id. and Back

Sis Lori here with photos from a trip I took in early Nov. I traveled with my Ex Husband, we remain good friends, and we visited mutual friends and family along the way. We drove all the way to Bend on the first day, with a stop in Medford and Shady Cove for 2 quick visits with some old neighbors we used to have. A lot of miles in one day but the weather was beautiful!!!
This was on a lookout in Bend Oregon where you can view all the beautiful mountains.
He wanted to go on a Brewery Tour in Bend, however we were there on a Monday, and they could not fill a bus so cancelled the tour. We did it on our own. At the Bend Brewing Co. in the downtown area, we had a great lunch and tried a sampler of 10 beers.

Now, mind you, I am not a real fan of beer, unless it is the very first ice cold sip of my dear Dads Olympia or Pabst Blue Ribbon can, but I was game to try some tastes. These were all very interesting, and believe it or not, I actually liked the dark Porters the best. One had a vanilla flavor and the other a caramel and coffee?? taste.

My lunch was a wonderful artichoke pesto penne pasta, very delish, but my tummy wasn't doing so well later with the beer, lunch mix!!! Oh well, it sure was good!!!!

The Ex had a really nice greek salad that he enjoyed very much!! Great food there, a fun place!!!

Then we were on to Kenewick, Wa., which is near Richland to visit some other good friends. They live in a large, beautiful home.
We had our own wing on the upper floor. These were on the wall in our bedroom, beautiful pictures behind old windows!!

This is their huge kitchen.....

and the Formal living room.....We had a really nice visit with them and some wonderful meals. Of course we had to travel to the airport to see the Cessna 210 that my Ex had refurbished, this couple were our partners and then bought us out. I did get to go to one Antique store while there, but had to quicken my visit cause I had 2 fellas with me that weren't into it!!!

Then we were on to Spokane to have a visit with my Sis in Law and her Family. She recently got this fabulous sewing machine as a gift and I helped her to thread it and stitch a line or two. It snowed the second evening we were there, but not enough to dampen our spirits to move on to Coeur d/Alene, our next stop.

Our friends there are refurbishing a home on the hillside looking out at the lake. These were the knobs on her kitchen cabinets which she had handpicked herself. I thought it was a very unique look!!!! Her kitchen was gorgeous!! We had some great sandwiches for lunch and then her hubby and the ex went to the airport and she and I to 4 Thrifts in downtown. We had a great time and then home to make some delicious enchiladas for dinner.

They are still working on the lower level of their home so our quarters for the night were in their 'Coach' motorhome, what a treat that was, although no hot water for a shower in morn.

We were just on the road home the next day, so after a nice Breakfast at their favorite local Restaurant, we were on our way.

This was a huge 'Fortress' as they call it, where apartments or condo units sell for a million or more???
I hope they look better inside........

A view of the snow as we left and were on our way.....

We made it all the way to Lakeview, Or. where we stayed overnight, that was a long drive. It was very cold in the morning, I think it was 11 degrees, and the 'Mini' was a little frosty!!!

These were some super FAT Quail outside our Motel. I think they need to be fat to live in that cold climate!!!

We came home through Reno and had one last visit with friends at Famous Dave's for Lunch, before heading home. All in all, a great trip.


Tina Dawn said...

Loved hearing about your trip. I like the dark porters the best too! Love T

yosemite faith said...

we have friends that we have kind of lost track of in coeur d'Alene - the guy half of the duo was originally from grand rapids. john went out there and did some backpacking and fishing etc. glad you had a good trip.