Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Real Bargain

When I knew I'd be heading to the mall and I figured I'd be able to go in to Sears and check out the Land's End department, I had decided that I would see if I could find a fleece vest like the ones I ordered from their catalog a while back. I love them so much that I bought three different colors on sale, but since I have lost weight they are pretty big on me now. I love that I have been losing weight, but I hate when favorite articles of clothing no longer fit. This was my plan, and I had even torn out catalog pages from Land's End that had some men's fleece vests, thinking if I could find those, perhaps a men's size small or medium would fit me. I just wanted to see, and I was hoping they might be on sale. I had the catalog pages in my purse. As it happens, on my way over to Placerville I stopped at a couple of thrift stores, I found the Eddie Bauer vest, below for $1.99. Score!
When we visited the Eddie Bauer store at the Roseville Galleria, I decided I would have a look around to see if I could find something similar. And I did - the price was $49.99, and it was NOT on sale. This vest that I found online is the closest thing to mine, except that it doesn't have a hood. I love that mine has a hood. I am VERY happy that I found it, and especially at such a huge price difference. It was a real bargain, for sure.

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Tina Dawn said...

What a great deal, it's a very nice vest. Love T