Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Visit from the Head of the Herd

Good morning. Tina here. 

We had a close encounter yesterday with one of the bucks which hangs out in our yard here in Kelsey.
Luna had wanted to go outside but hesitated when I opened the screen door. What was up?

Well, this big guy was what was up.  He was practically ready to climb the steps to our front porch, but he was as cautious of Luna as she was of him.

He waited around so I could fetch the camera, then checked us out and went on to greener pastures.

He keep looking back at us as if to check we were still paying attention.

He nibbled at the nice fresh green shoots which have sprung up after our torrential rainstorms the fall has brought us this year.

Then he met up with this other large buck out by the burn pile.  The does and a couple of small bucks with only spikes were foraging in among the scrub oaks off to their right.

As I quietly and slowly walked closer, the does noticed me and decided to leave.

The two big guys looked back at me, seeming to wonder what the big deal was.

But off they went to their next meal further into the river canyon.


Heidi Ann said...

How cool! you got some great shots. I LOVE it when I see deer here in our yard. Hubby scares them away, but I am fascinated by them, and want them to stay as long as they like!

Andy's Attic said...

Such great pictures you got!! We see deer alll the time but have yet to see the buck. He keeps himself away from the open areas.
You are fortunate to see them like that!!

Old Fashioned Gal said...

Wow! Deer must not spook easily around your parts. My husband would have had a mini corinary if he saw a buck that size in full rut! He hasn't had much luck this year hunting. They are gorgeous animals, aren't they? :)

Vintage Coconut said...

LOVELY photos! We sometimes get deer in the schoolyard across the street. But it's a rare occasion.
And I am NEVER able to get as good of photos as you did.

Barbara said...

Terrific photos! I never tire of seeing deer.