Monday, February 25, 2013

A Vera Scarf

I found one Vera Neumann scarf last week. The condition isn't perfect, but the price was right (cheap!), so I can live with it:

I found this cotton scarf, below on the same day.
 This one has no label nor the Vera signature, so I suppose it's doubtful, but I can't shake my strong feeling that the pattern really LOOKS like a Vera to me!
What do you think? Agree, or disagree?


Jill said...

It does look like a Vera. I found a cotton one last week, my first one and it does have a signature.

I like the other one you found too!!!

Diane said...

I hate to go against the crowd, but I've never seen a Vera design with the style of mottled colors, always solid. Maybe you know something I don't. At any rate, it is very pretty!

Tina Dawn said...

You must have enough scarves now to fill a trunk! I like the second one, and hope it is a Vera. Love T