Sunday, February 17, 2013

What's Penny Wearing? #86 "Thrifted" Aprons!

This one is my favorite:
Hearts and flowers in red and yellow calico. I am virtually certain that it's from the 70's:
More red and yellow calico...
In a different style, this time:
I think this yellow one would be perfect for Easter,
with it's sweet floral embroidery:
I thought this next one was unusual:
With square-dancing silhouettes - cute!
Another brightly colored one from the 1970's, I think:
It's the bright orange, pink and chartreuse that gives me the idea of it's date of origin:
I found some pretty cute ones, this time!


midcentuymadam said...

Did you find them all at once? Love the square dance apron and the brightly colored little girls pattern. The first apron is beautiful! Can you wear it to work?

Tina Dawn said...

I love them all. I recently found a great apron at the VFW rummage sale in Georgetown. The vintage aprons are the best! Love T

Diane said...


Tami Von Zalez said...

Girl! I don't know how you find aprons in the thrift shops - I never see them. I would snap up that square-dance themed one in a heartbeat ~

Anusha said...

Those are SO beautiful! Wish we could come across these kinds of aprons over here! I like the orange/pink/chartreuse one the best. :o)

Genital estetik said...
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yosemite faith said...

will you be wearing at least one of these in columbia? the square dance one is really a find.

Anonymous said...

I like the '70s aprons and Tami's avatar. Makes me pucker. The avatar, I mean. Smack!