Friday, February 22, 2013

Just A Little Love

Just sending our readers a little love today in living color - in the form of my favorite Love stamps from 1973. In fact, it was the very first Love stamp, and  featured the artwork of Robert Indiana. (I also wrote about this stamp back in THIS POST.)
These were a recent eBay purchase:
And, coincidentally, also from 1973, another recent find - this great wooden hanging plaque.
I love the colors on this:

"Love, If You Would Be Loved."
Wise words to live, and love,  by.
Have a LOVE-ly day, everyone.


Diane said...

"Love" it!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Heidi! Oh Gosh, can't believe those love stamps are from '73! I remember them so well! Thank you for stopping by and commenting Tuesday. You made my day! Have a wonderful weekend! Love, Twyla

Tina Dawn said...

I love you too. Love T

Anonymous said...

I love everybody. Love J

Anonymous said...
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yosemite faith said...

those are my favorite love stamps as well