Monday, February 11, 2013

Pretty Cool, Dude

The young man who owns this VW Westfalia camper is one of the best friends of my middle stepson. I used to work with his mom at Joann Fabrics. He's going to install a new dishwasher for us, since ours quit working recently.
He came over to check out the situation, and we got to talking about his restorations he has done. This one has the original snap-on screen for the back door area, and the hammock that fit over the front seat area, for kids to sleep on.
He listed this camper for sale and pretty much immediately received queries from all over the world!
 It may be headed to Great Britain - to a lucky buyer, I must say! This camper was in remarkably good shape when he found it.
I have written before about how we are totally a VW-loving family.
Our parents had a few different Volkswagen buses/campers/vans/station wagons - whatever you want to call them. I found an old advertisement, and they were referred to as station wagons, which was a surprise to me. I'll find it again and post a picture of it.
I am quite fond of them - and I was so happy to see this one!
 Ben told me all about it, and then later he was nice enough to bring it by so I could see it in person and take pictures.
 LOVIN' the orange!


Lorlore said...

WOW!!! So cool!!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

So great, wouldn't Daddy love it! Love T

SusieQT said...

We're a vdub family too- my mom had them for years and I remember going to the dealership to have her '72 fastback serviced. While that was in the shop we used to climb up inside the campers they had in the showroom and pretend we were camping. She now has a new Jetta and a Passat; I have 205K on my VW.

yosemite faith said...


Jim J;O) said...

I bought a brand new VW Beetle in 1976 for $3600 and sold it in 1989 for $2600. I had just had it refurbed and had the engine rebuilt (good for another 100,000 miles PLUS) but what a deal. Only I wish I had kept it now. I loved it (name = Bambino) and, now, can’t dredge up a clue as to what possessed me to sell it.

I also wish they still made affordable Westfalias, Vanagons, anything! What in the world became of the popularity of small campers? I don’t want a Grey Hound bus- sized Winnebago. I’d love a small camper like Heidi’s stepson’s friend restored. My folks had something similar. Man, they traveled everywhere: The south, New England, Canada, Alaska. (It was a Toyota popup, inspired by the Westfalia – late 1970s).

It would cost a fortune in upkeep to own that BEAUTIFUL restored Westfalia, especially if you really traveled, I mean TRAVELED in it. And it costs a fortune to have a small van converted into a comfy camper. (Everytime I run across either, old renovated camper or new conversion, I talk with the owner. I don’t mind waiting a half hour for them to exit the grocery store. They love talking about their little camper and I love listening.)

Ah! C'est la vie.............