Thursday, February 7, 2013

Knice Knock-Offs

I DO love Vera Bradley, I truly do. But when I found these bags at the PB Teen (Pottery Barn) store on sale, in a look-alike fabric, I decided to get them. Bags are always useful, right?
To me, they really do appear to have been made to look like the Vera Bradley bags. Bright colors, quilted fabric, a pretty floral pattern - they've got it all - almost. Perhaps not QUITE as well-made as VB, and without the sturdy bottom insert her bags have. It also remains to be seen whether they will hold up to machine washing.
I think I'll try really hard not to let them get too dirty! LOL!
I thought these were a good deal, and I like them. The small one now holds my travel cosmetics:
My cost after the markdowns was a savings of $54.52 off of the original price of these two bags. The regular (non-sale) price of a pair of similar sizes and styles from the Vera Bradley line would have been $116.00. This time, I just kind of figured maybe knock-offs can be kind of a good thing once in a while.
I still love me some Vera Bradley, though - don't get me wrong!


farmlady said...

Price wise, "knock offs" can be a really deal if you can't afford the name brand. If you find something that you love, in colors that are this wonderful... go for it. I really like the fabric and the lining. They go together. Cute!

Tina Dawn said...

Very cute. Did they have a lot of different fabrics to chose from like Vera Bradley? Love T