Saturday, May 31, 2008

Love Story

I found this copy of the book Love Story by Erich Segal in the "FREE" box 2 weeks ago at a yard sale. I didn't have a copy, so I figured, why not? And it's in near perfect shape, and not a book club edition. I remember going to see the movie with my two best friends when we were in high school. When it ended, the sound of all the sniffling and stifled sobs in the theater just struck me funny for some reason, and instead of crying, I got the giggles. Couldn't help myself, and I remember my friends being very annoyed with me about it. Sorry, girls! The book's jacket design was by Anita Scott, but looks remarkably similar to the artwork on the first Love stamp - I put my lone little stamp there (above) when I scanned the book cover.
The information in the article above is from The Postal Service Guide To U.S. Stamps - a very useful tome! And, just because, here is a photo of the sculpture, too:
I like it!


Karen Jo said...

I love, love Love Story and that whole decade! LOVE, Deb

Annette said...

That giggling fit story hits home with me. Our cousin Elaine and I got into complete hysterics one night at the drive-in while we were watching Romeo and Juliet (one of those sad movies too!) It was all because of a rubber band that we first thought was a spider. (Had to be there I guess). We were laughing so hard the people in the cars next to ours could hear us and I'm sure they couldn't figure out what we found so funny about star crossed lovers dying. Love T

Heidi Ann said...

Reading that made me giggle again - I can just picture it!