Friday, May 9, 2008

Vintage Bark Cloth Repurposed

I LOVE vintage bark cloth (barkcloth?). The colors, the textures, the florals and leaves - all are so pretty. Most of the time in shops or on eBay, the prices are beyond my budget, but I've managed to get a few smaller pieces of fabric or handmade items.

This purse, above needed a few changes- I had a new strap made out of a patchworked barkcloth piece, and a loop to go around the button. The one below was just right as made with it's pretty beaded trim and gorgeous hibiscus.

This patchwork pieced length of fabric proved just enough to be made into a pillow (with a big enough piece left over for the purse strap pictured above) front:
and back:
And I was so happy when I won the auction for this unfinished bark cloth patchwork quilt/blanket top. It's new home is now as a makeshift slipcover for a chair that was rather desperate. It fits perfectly!
I would love it if every window in my home had vintage barkcloth drapes, and every sofa and chair was covered in it, as well. But that ain't happening.
You should see my sister's house, though!!

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Annette said...

The chair cover is just gorgeous! Love T