Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Found At a Garage Sale

Just a quick post today with one picture. I have an appointment out of town this morning (70 miles away). This particular type of doctor isn't available in my own town. I really hate that. (Oh, poor, poor pitiful me!)
Anyway! I literally walked down the street last Friday to a garage sale - first time I have EVER done this - and I came home with this lovely pair of vintage boudoir lamps. I did not get them cheap - not garage sale prices! But I do believe they are worth more than I paid.
The picture doesn't quite do them justice, they are frosted glass in a paler blue than this shows - blue, not aqua like I think they look in the picture. Excellent condition, heavy glass shades. They were filthy, but cleaned up well! I also got a nice vintage beveled edge hanging mirror (couldn't get a decent picture of that), and an old frame. I was happy. I have the lamps on our piano, and they look nice.


Annette said...

Those are great lamps. I am so proud of you! Love T

Mitzi said...

Wow, those are great! It's too bad you couldn't get 'garage sale' prices, but its ok to pay more sometimes - especially when you really love it!

Monica said...

these are AMAZING!!!!!