Sunday, May 4, 2008

Audrey Hepburn

...........was born on this date in 1929.
Oh, her movies are such favorites of mine!
I especially remember seeing Sabrina on TV years and years ago for the first time. I loved it SO much! Remember her watching the parties from the tree?
She didn't have a Funny Face at all.
No, she was truly beautiful, inside and out.
Wasn't she wonderful? Loverly.


Annette said...

She IS loverly, and she would love it that you remember her so loverly. Love T

Anonymous said...

Heidi, Did you know there is a book called, "How To Be Lovely,The Audrey Hepburn Way Of Life" (by Melissa Hellstern)?? It's the best little book! I have it, and it is abso-bloomin-lutely adoreable!