Friday, May 2, 2008

Love Those Embroidered Linens

Like so many other women, I just love the embroidered work done on vintage linens. I don't have a huge collection, but I have some favorites that I am using so I get to see them every day! Like this one with gorgeous rose appliques:
The pretty lady below is on the front of a bag I found in Jamestown. The vintage embroidery thread and pink and blue ribbon bows were here in the house.
More pretty roses on a crochet-trimmed dresser scarf:
And the iris is one of my (very few)attempts at doing something of my own. This was on the back of a chambray denim shirt that was worn at a Sadie Hawkins Dance in high school! The shirt finally wore out completely, but I am determined to put my iris on a pillow or something someday!
I'm certainly no expert, but I was so proud of it back then.


laurie said...

I love vintage embroidery too. You did a good job on the iris. My mom does alot of needlework and she says the sign of true skill is if you turn it over and your stitches are neat and tidy on the wrong side...mine were never very tidy...oh well.

Annette said...

Lovely iris, I slightly remember it, you did a great job, and I know you did cross stitch too, you can do it again! Bless Lauri's mom, I would love to see her work, but I think now it is so hard to care about the back of your items, although I agree it is important in the long run, for history. Bless the needlecrafters who can make them look nice on both sides. Maybe it is all the other stuff coming at us now, that you need to do, and so you don't have the time to finish the back nicely. Back in history, the women had so much to get done BUT they had no TV or computer or didn't work outside the home, and in the evenings they worked on the great items they created. Nice job Heidi Ann. I have my old pieces of my jeans from about then with the mushrooms and etc. but they are not as nice as your irises. Love T