Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Potholders Pretty And Practical

The first one shown below is lovely in a vintage floral fabric, but not thick enough to really be practical for use. I have it hanging on the side of the fridge because I like the colors.
And this pretty butterfly was made with a bit of batting, but again, not thick enough to protect hands from hot pots.
A more practical style - the good old quilted padded kind - this one for a pot handle still in it's original cellophane packaging.
And another truly useful one. I got a pair of these mitts because I so seldom find vintage ones in great, unused condition.
I have a collection of the lovely vintage crocheted ones, too- but perhaps I will write about those another day.
Happy cooking - don't get burned!


Annette said...

I wonder why the seamstresses who made the first two didn't put more batting in? They sure are cute though. I love those old fabrics. Love T

Sarah and Jack said...

Love that butterfly!