Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vintage Stuff I've Sold - Handbags

This first one, below was gorgeous. Dark red snakeskin, a real beauty.
I liked this one, too. A lovely turquoise velvet and black vinyl ( I want to say patent leather, but I think it was vinyl - it was nice, though!)
These two dressy clutches were so pretty; both had the attached matching coin purses inside. In chocolate brown satin with cream colored satin lining:
And lovely red satin with blue lining and coin purse:
And this one was rather stylish, as well - sort of a faux alligator look - it was a nice olive green color (that's not quite it's true color in the photo)
You know, a lot of the time, after I sell something, I find myself feeling sorry that I did.
But I just can't keep EVERYTHING! (Many would say that I give it a real good try.)


Annette said...

I'm sure the people who bought these are very glad you can't keep everything! Love T

Monica said...

nice I am a big vintage purse fan, I have tons!!!