Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vintage Handkerchiefs

Some of these vintage handkerchiefs are just stunning:
I love the bright colors,
The lovely floral printed images,
and the gorgeous compositions of colors. These are just a few favorites from my small collection.
But this bag is my very favorite thing I have ever seen anyone make with them! And I have seen so many beautiful things - in magazines, books, on some of my favorite blogs, etc.
I asked this poor lady if I could take a picture of it! We saw her at Disneyland while we waited in the lobby at Blue Bayou. She may have thought me crazy - because I went on and on about it. To take the California handkerchief and marry it with a Disney child's handkerchief - the ultimate Disneyland/California Adventure tribute! And such a lovely and useful bag, to boot! I love it So much!
And I want one like it.


Annette said...

I love the bag too! My favorite thing that I have seen with old handkerchiefs is when they are used as the canopy on an old bed, placed triangles down around the canopy top. Just lovely. Someday I would like to have enough of the nasturtium handkerchiefs to do that. I have quite a few now. Just won another on ebay, so I am working on it. My friend's new dog, a rat terrier named Oscar, has one bad habit (only one!). He likes to tear up tissue. He manages to find it around the house even when she thinks it is all tucked up safe. I told her if she only would use handkerchiefs like I do that would take care of that problem! Love T

Anonymous said...

That is excellent!! I would love to have one of those California handkerchiefs . . .

Annette said...

I also forgot to mention another favorite thing made from handkerchiefs: aprons. I just gave my friend Cindy a beautiful handkerchief apron with a satin waist tie that she admired and I didn't sell, so I figured it should be hers. PS I have a couple of the California handkerchiefs. I don't use those! Love T

laurie said...

I am also a vintage hankie collector. I wish there was an amazing way to display them. I have a baby size quilt on my bed that my mom made with 9 hankies. I probably have another 60 just waiting for a project. I LOVE that bag...I also would have chatted with her about it...totally cool.