Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Weekend's Finds

My sister came over last weekend, and we had fun going to a few garage sales and thrift shops. The sweet little girl planter from a garage sale, above, was kind enough to hold the 7 packages of rick rack I found at a thrift shop. Below, a Dala rooster and horse from Sweden. The white platter displayed behind them was free at a different sale.
An assortment of items - the aqua Melmac bowl was free, I got the bag of aluminum molds (including another set of 10 wreath-shaped ones) mostly because I wanted the bird one - but the others would make cute little candles. I love the strawberry jam jar. The small restaurant china dishes and the Chinese soup spoons were 25c each at a thrift shop.
This little pair, below, is losing some of the red cold paint from their combs, but I liked them anyway. The restaurant china soup cups they are perched atop were free. I love restaurant china; I use it. It's sturdy, and holds up well through the dishwasher. I collect creamers, teapots, plates, bowls, etc.!
I bought the wooden coat hangers at thrift shops. I love the ones with the crocheted covers, and I also buy the ones with advertising on them whenever I can. I like this one from Peacock Cleaners and Dyers "Ladies' Garments Our Specialty". The black lacy vest was free, and I think it's really pretty! The little crocheted pin cushion was 50c at a garage sale.
This picture isn't very good, but you can see the black lace vest a little bit better:
We had fun, despite the heat last weekend. Gotta figure out where to put my stuff!


laurie said...

Great finds! I was in a local antique mall today and saw one of your shoes from yesterdays post...thought of you!

Heidi Ann said...

That is nice to know- thanks so much for your blog comments! Heidi

Monica said...

I love all of your finds, I have a strawberry like that!!!!

Annette said...

I love the little Swedish figures. I use those Chinese-type soup spoons all the time for all my soups. I have a few that our neighbor Ello, from Diamond Springs gave me, so I always think of her when I use them. I am glad you both had such great fun and found such neat stuff on your thrifting jaunt! Love T