Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beyond The Sea

I am not sure I can even quite express how much I love this movie. I had to BEG my husband to go with me to see it - it finally came to our local cinema 6 months after it was released, as part of their "Independent Film Series", and was shown for 2 days only. Don't even get me started on the topic of what movies are never shown at all here locally! I was SO happy that I got to see it on the big screen! I couldn't wait to get the DVD and soundtrack album.
I think Kevin Spacey is a phenomenal actor, and he did a FABULOUS job in this role. And he can SING - boy, can he ever!
Bobby Darin was such a great singer and entertainer - I could listen to him all day, watch his taped performances, his movies, etc.
Especially the ones he made with his beautiful wife, Sandra Dee. Isn't this a lovely photo of her?
He truly was one of the "Great Gentlemen Of Song", as in the title of one of my CD's from Capitol Records.
Well, you know how I am when I become obsessed! I had to get the book written by their son Dodd, too!
But I have to say ( even at the risk of annoying fellow Bobby Darin fans) that as much as I enjoy him, I would kind of rather listen to Kevin Spacey's soundtrack. It is REALLY great. It may be my favorite movie soundtrack ever - and coming from this HUGE musical fan, that is saying a lot. I feel that he did not get nearly enough kudos for this wonderful film, which I believe was a true labor of love for him. Well, Kevin - you've got one fan here who has a tremendous appreciation for what you have done!!
Did I say that I LOVE IT??!!


Karen Jo said...

Heidi, I loved the movie. I LOVE the song "Beyond the Sea." I could listen to it forever. How was the book by Dodd? Love, Deb

Tonya said...

Like you, I had to buy the book after I became obsessed with the film. Since then, I have been collecting their movies and catching all that I can on TCM. After reading Dodd's book, Bobby and Sandra both became personal heroes of mine. I share some unfortunate childhood experiences with Sandra, so she has really touched my life.

Annette said...

My husband and I finally watched this movie after Heidi kept telling me how great it was. We both really loved it. Love T

Anonymous said...

You can add me to the list of lovers of this movie, Kevin & Bobby, of course! (My fave song of Bobby's is "Don't Rain on My Parade," and it's even in one of my very farorite films, "American Beauty"). This particular genre of movie--the life stories of musicians, is a favorite of mine anyway. I think I have seen just about every one made about just about every musician! This one ranks up there with the best for sure!

Holly said...

I enjoyed the "Tammy" movies so much but never have seen them on video or DVD.