Friday, July 12, 2013

Everything You See

I purchased every single thing you see in today's pictures for the whopping sum total of one dollar and twenty-five cents. You see, I had a fully-stamped loyalty card which entitled me to $5 off my total purchase.The rolling pin rack would look great holding vintage pot holders or aprons. I seldom pass up a nice glass-covered cheese board, and the green scarf beneath it all would also make a pretty table runner:
The daisy covered dish is insulated and has a square Teflon-lined aluminum baking pan inside. I don't know who made it, but I've never seen one before. Just last night, while watching "That 70's Show", I saw the matching ice bucket sitting on a shelf in their kitchen! Too funny. I found another bird trivet just like this one a while back; I think it sold already at the shop.
A vintage Counterpoint house vase or small planter:
Pyrex and Anchor Hocking covered bowls - these are my favorite food storage containers. I've never seen so many for sale in one place. Honestly, I can't understand why anyone would give them up? They are one of the most versatile and useful kitchen items you can own, in my opinion. I use mine every day.
 I didn't know that all of the kitchen stuff was half-price that day.
I got this great  vintage set of souvenir swordfish salt and pepper shakers, too:
From Florida - but made in Japan. Kitschy and colorful:
Brightly colored paisley seersucker fabric:
And, as if all of that were not enough, I also got a nice black tank top, and she even threw in three aprons for free that she thought maybe myself or someone I knew or worked with in the park could use.
That's right.
Now, that's what I call a good deal!


Diane said...

I have a different style Counterpoint house which I love. There are several styles, I think. Great deal on those items!

Tina Dawn said...

Love the paisley fabric, and your covered dish. I am trying to clean out my stuff, need to get things into the shop to help with that, and get rid of stuff, so have been passing up a lot of thrift finds right now. Great deal on your finds! Love T

Andy's Attic said...

that is an awesome deal!!! My favorite is the seersucker fabric!!