Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thrift Finds: The Useful, "Industrial" Edition

Useful finds are today's topic. Do you know how much cheap-looking plastic office staplers cost these days?
Quite a bit  more than fifty cents, which is what I paid for this stylish vintage Swingline one.
It was made to last forever - you know, the way things USED to be made?
My handy little business card file box goes along with it very well:
Weldon Roberts Jet Erasers, with an eraser for pencil on one end and for pen on the other:
And another fifty-cent vintage stapler, from Bates this time.
 The color was probably made to match a Bates List-Finder.
This one was also made to last - that's why it's still around:
Who can't use eighteen little drawers to store things in? 
Place them inside a pretty blue metal housing?
 Even better:
And add on a handy strap on the top - the easier to carry you with, my dear:
I found the desk chair below for five dollars. It was missing one caster, but there was a bin nearby with casters for sale so I just grabbed one to put on it. Later, it needed to be glued into place, but that was no big deal. I like that it actually has wood, and is not all plastic. It's a pretty low chair, and is not adjustable, but if I sit on a pillow, it works for me. Cheap - and more comfortable than what I had been using:

 The last thing, below, was the best deal of all. A filing cabinet that looks brand new, which was free - and delivered to my house!
I saw two cabinets the very same day at two different thrift stores. They were both scratched and thrashed and quite obviously well-used  - one of them was priced at $12, and the other was $15.
Mine was courtesy of my boss, who had been cleaning out a building where lots of stuff had been stored for years.
Thanks, Jeff!


Tina Dawn said...

Well you are definitely all set for an office, you just need to buy the room now cheap at a garage sale! LOL. I have an old stapler, similar to your first but longer, that I call my "art deco" stapler. I got it from an old job when we upgraded to electric staplers. I also keep my earrings in a much smaller and all plastic akro mills 10 drawer box. Yours looks like it is probably made by them, great deal! Love your free file cabinet too. Love T

Andy's Attic said...

Fun finds. Love the eighteen drawer thing with the handle!!!!