Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fire in the Mountains at Kyburz

Good morning, Tina here.

Monday a fire started on Highway 50 in Kyburz.  I just heard they are saying it is now 80 percent contained.

I was in Cool, California which is on a ridge above the American River across from Auburn on Monday afternoon. I hadn't heard about the fire. As I started home I could see the mountains and heavy smoke. It was hard to tell where the fire was. My guess was Pleasant Valley. I finally heard the particulars at 4:00 pm when the local (Sacramento) news came on.
The old postcard above shows the American River near Kyburz.

Students and counselors were evacuated from the Sugarloaf Camp above Kyburz. I am glad all are safe.
Sugarloaf Camp is named after this rock formation shown in this postcard above.  Someone couldn't spell too well (shugar). I always get a little kick out of spelling errors preserved forever.

I hope the fire can be put out soon. I love our mountains and they have seen too many fires in that area.


Lorlore said...

I am glad they have a handle on the fire. I was lucky enough to go to Sugarloaf Music & Arts Camp back in the late 60's and early 70's. It was a wonderful camp! Our Mother taught an Art class there. Great times!!! Don't think it is the same today, sad!!

Heidi Ann said...

Summer wildfires are so horrible. And so scary when they are near your neck of the woods. Bless the firefighters and their skills.

farmlady said...

Glad the fire was a ways from you. No matter where these fires burn, they always reminds me that it could happen again.
The fireman, Cal fire, the other agencies and even convicts from the prisons all come together and fight the good fight.
They have it under control, thank God. Let's hope that is the end of it... but I doubt it.