Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Placerville No. 1 Revisited: The Ivy House

Good morning. Tina here. I am sharing some more pictures and old postcards of the Ivy House which used to stand at the intersection of Clay, Cedar Ravine and Cedar Ravine Streets in Placerville. It was an imposing red building with a large balcony. Next door was a motel with a service station. I first posted on the Ivy House three years ago in July 2009.  I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking today.
We have lost many of our old buildings in Placerville, so I take some time once in a while to remember our Once Upon a Time. The old black and white postcard above has the date March 17, 1936 written on the back. Maybe they celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a beer in the bar.

This photo shows our Ivy House, and another lost building, the Methodist Episcopal Church, which has been another subject of my Once Upon a Time posts.  Some of the Placerville city leaders want to put in a round-about here in this intersection, surrounding the Druid Monument. Many of us think it is not necessary.
This old postcard above shows part of the Highway 50 Wagon Train Parade heading down to the downtown Main Street. In the mid-right you can see where the church once sat.  The back of this postcard reads: "Ivy House, 595 Main Street, Placerville, Calif. Was built for use a school for girls in 1855. Later was converted into a hotel where many famous pioneers and travelers stopped in the early days of California. Excellent foods - famous for manzanita broiled steaks ham and chicken - Cocktail lounge - Hotel accommodations.  Emma and Ted Becker, your hosts. Phone NAtional 2-9849.
The above old photo shows the Ivy House surrounded by homes and other larger buildings, including the John Pearson Soda Works.
As I look at these old postcards, I can almost imagine that this place is still there. Then it is a shock to drive into town and see a parking lot instead. A very popular farmer's market takes place here every weekend in the summer.

The printing on the back of the postcard above reads: "Ivy House Hotel, Placerville, Calif. Built in fall of 1861, was early day Conklin Academy, a private school. Ivy planted in 1861 still growing. In the 1880's the building was made over into a hotel." Someone has printed also in ink: "My Aunt who became a teacher went to school here. She has been gone 7 years. Now there's still a hotel and dining room in building."`
I have a photo negative of my grandfather standing in front of the Ivy House, taken in the late 1950's. The building was torn down in 1961.  I do not remember my family ever eating here, at that time we three girls were all young children, and we did not go out to eat except when traveling. I hear the roquefort salad dressing was really good.
This photo shows a different view, from beside the Methodist Episcopal Church looking back from Cedar Ravine.
I am so grateful that persons unknown took pictures of our Once Upon a Time in Placerville.
This is a back view from the railroad tracks over the creek.
Another old postcard. Postcards are a very good way to look back at the past.
When I was small this was a barber shop.
I am ending with one last photo from the El Dorado County Museum. Across the street from the Ivy House, on the corner of Main and Cedar Ravine, when I was young, used to be a lumber company. I can't read the sign on this lovely brick building. I hope you enjoyed our visit back to the Ivy House.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I remember when the drinking fountains worked on the Druid Monument.

Heidi Ann said...

Those pictures and postcards are fantastic, Tina! I love your posts that are a trip through Placerville's history. Thank you for doing them. They are really wonderful.

Joel Ashmead said...

Thank you! These are really cool!

Judi said...

The Ivy House was not torn down in 1961. It was after 1964 because that's the year my dad died and he was Ted Becker. I was raised in the building. Lived there until I got married.