Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Fires

A couple of weeks ago my son called to let me know about a fire. He had heard about it on the scanner.

It was a couple of miles down-river from us in Coloma.

It started as a structure fire and spread to the surrounding grasslands.

There were two spotter planes and a helicopter (barely seen here in the middle of the photo below).

They got this fire out fairly quickly. No fatalities.

A week later a home burned down in Garden Valley. The elderly owners escaped with injuries.

These have been the closest fires to us so far this summer, both starting with structures.

We have been lucky. My prayers go out to the people in Southern California and Southern Oregon dealing with those large fires.

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Heidi Ann said...

It really has to be scary when they are pretty close. The heat - and wild fires, or human-set fires - two of the bad things about summer.